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School Furniture

SKU: D15020
Ex Tax:₪380.00
SKU: D15022
Ex Tax:₪550.00
SKU: D15030
Teacher's table made of mdf wood, thickness of 3 cm, covered with Formica, thickness of 0.7 mm, and iron legs, thickness of 1.5 mm, painted with thermal paint, and it contains a wooden jar with zirfil and a key, dimensions 38 * 35 * 16 cm..
Ex Tax:₪600.00
SKU: B11020
A chair made of cast polyethylene, its base is 36 * 30, the thickness of the plastic is not less than 3 mm, the thickness of the legs of the chair is not less than 1.5..
Ex Tax:₪55.00
SKU: D24015
Pin board..
Ex Tax:₪250.00
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