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Arabic language games

Brand: EduFun SKU: 12090
With our ?Building Arabic words set? learning Arabic is no longer going to be a problem. All if the 107 letters are coloured in the same colour for the learner to distinguish between them according to their form (shape) only. The dots and hamza (glottal stop) are separated to give freedom in making ..
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Brand: EduFun SKU: 31360
rabic Alphabet Blocks helps learners to learn Arabic in a fun and easy way. It offers a creative solution for children to understand the uniqueness of the Arabic letters. Arabic letters change their shape according to their position in a word. The letter is printed in blue demonstrating this. Freque..
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Brand: EduFun SKU: 12085
We are proud to present to you Magnetic Arabic Letters. This product is one of our most important contributions in the field of Arabic language teaching. All 170 forms are coloured the same making learner distinguish them according to their form (shape) only. The dots and hamza (glottal stop) are se..
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Brand: EduFun SKU: 32080
A fun way to learn the English alphabet and numbers from 1 to 10. Each letter has a corresponding picture. Children will love to turn the blocks over to see the picture. It helps to exposure children to letters & numbers from early years which is a good base for Linguistic intelligence...
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Brand: EduFun SKU: 12000
These puzzles help familiarize children with letters of the alphabet from a young age which develop linguistic intelligence. May be used to form simple words. Available in English capital lettes, English small letters and Arabic letters. Made of high quality natural wood with non-toxic paints confor..
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